Panasonic Toughbook Protection Plus

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Panasonic Toughbook Protection Plus and Accidental Coverage provides an added layer of coverage against accidental physical damage that occurs during regular use of a Toughbook® mobile computer. Accidental damage is not covered by the Panasonic standard limited warranty or extended warranty, but is covered by Protection Plus. This supplemental coverage can reduce the inconvenience and expense of repairs necessitated by accidental damage. It can also enhance the productivity of the mobile workforce, increasing uptime.

All system components, except consumable items, are covered by Panasonic Toughbook Protection Plus and Accidental Coverage. Consumable items include: battery, battery charger and stylus pens. The program covers up to one major failure per unit, per year for the LCD screen, keyboard, hard drive and motherboard. Other components have even better coverage. When necessary, Panasonic will repair or replace the unit with a model of equal or greater value.

If a Toughbook laptop is accidentally damaged, the user calls Panasonic Technical Support at 1-800-LAPTOP5. A Panasonic Toughbook Services team member works with the user to assess the damage and arranges for repair of the unit or delivery of a replacement part at no charge within the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions about Panasonic Toughbook Protection Plus and Accidental Coverage:

What is Panasonic Toughbook Protection Plus and Accidental Coverage?
It's a supplemental warranty covering accidental, physical damage to a Toughbook mobile computer, which is not covered by the standard or extended warranties.

What is the difference between the Panasonic standard 3-year limited warranty and Panasonic Toughbook Protection Plus?
The standard 3-year limited warranty provides coverage against defects in materials and/or workmanship. Protection Plus provides coverage against accidental physical damage, which is excluded under the standard warranty.

Does Panasonic Toughbook Protection Plus cover every potential situation regarding damage?
No. Protection Plus does not cover such situations as intentional abuse, fire, loss, theft, normal wear, cosmetic issues not affecting functionality, improper maintenance by a party other than an authorized Panasonic Service Provider or acts attributable to God.

What are the limits to coverage with Panasonic Toughbook Protection Plus?
The coverage is very generous, covering major and non-major components. The maximum benefit is one major component repair per unit, per year. Major components include: LCD, motherboard, keyboard or hard drive.

What happens if the Toughbook is accidentally damaged beyond repair?
Whenever possible, Panasonic will replace the destroyed unit with an identical unit. In the event this is not possible, Panasonic will provide the next closest unit that is equal or greater in value.

What is the maximum coverage period available for Panasonic Toughbook Protection Plus?
Protection Plus may be purchased to cover the Toughbook for up to five years from the date of original purchase.